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Favorite Links

Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) 
Get actual science on important issues, NOT "junk science" paid for by a vested interest.

Shaolin Temple Overseas Headquarters

Steven Hayes To Shin Do

Hoshinroshi Ryu Home Page  
Check out my mom's poem on the "Member Submissions Page"

Tom Brown Jr's Tracker School

Democratic Underground

Independent Film.com


Los Angeles

The Silver Spoon  (I'm the scary looking guy in the corner booth)

The Fake Gallery

City of West Hollywood

Second City Los Angeles

Theatre of Note

Nee Photography  


Public Safety, Police and 9/11 Links

FEMA Community Emergency Response Teams

The Port Authority Police Memorial 

New York City Police Department

LA County Sheriff's Department - West Hollywood

Patience Press - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Friends with Sites

Tom Carrozza

Union Signal - Jeff Ward and Doug Bost

Mark Bagula's Climate Change Site

Tammy Faye Starlite

Matt Mitler's Theatre Group Dzieci (New York)

John Pinamonti

Liz maryland

Josh Roy Brown

Straight Up -- Paul Stroili's Show

Mermbut Comics -- Randy Carboni and Duane Diniz

Gayle Madeira 

Big Mural

Julius Sharpe


Glen Heroy

Frankie Pace

Ben Model

Silent Clowns



Competitive Advantage Solutions (Company my Dad started)

Joint Council on Information Age Crime (Also Dad)

Rhino Ridge (Cousin Adam)

Nephew Dylan

Nephew Matt


Read Blogs!

Ben Acker

Susan Gaspar

David Hill